Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jury's Written Verdict from SEIU's Tyrone Freeman Trial

The news of Tyrone Freeman’s conviction continues to spread far and wide. Below, check out the actual written verdict that the jury handed to the judge at the end of the trial. 

 The verdict begins this way: 

We, the jury, answer the questions submitted to us as follows.
Did the Government prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Defendant is guilty of the following offenses charged in the Indictment? Counts 1 through 4: mail fraud...

Also, here are some of the comments that SEIU members are making in online forums about the verdict:

So sweet. Time for DOJ to work its way up the $EIU food chain.

don't like jail. I don't like corrupt union leaders. But I do love it when they come together!! BYYYYEEEEEE, Tyrone.

Now is time to investigate Ana Burger and Andy Stern and we will se the same results oh yes!!

They need to lock all them up....

Keep the ball rolling ..... they all fall down...

Here's the written verdict from the jury (fyi, the court whited out the name of the jury's foreperson):