Saturday, February 23, 2013

SEIU's Myriam Escamilla Throws Tantrum as Workers Decline to Support SEIU's Kaiser Campaign

Myriam Escamilla

Tasty hears that Myriam Escamilla -- the Director of SEIU-UHW’s Nursing Home Division – recently put on quite a show inside the union’s office in Oakland. Apparently, she began screaming at “her staff” after they failed to recruit a single nursing home worker to help with SEIU-UHW’s get-out-the-vote effort for the upcoming election at Kaiser Permanente.

Here’s what’s happening.

Dave Regan has ordered SEIU-UHW’s staff to recruit workers and shop stewards from the union’s non-Kaiser facilities in order to assist SEIU’s GOTV effort for the Kaiser election. Unfortunately, even the union’s shop stewards are decidedly unenthusiastic about helping. 

So… Regan has resorted to offering them cold hard cash: $900 for a few days of work. (Tasty hears that SEIU is now boosting the pay because too few workers are biting.) 

Even with the lure of purple cash, Myriam Escamilla has failed to recruit a single worker from the union’s nursing homes. That’s what led to her recent outburst, which was reportedly accompanied by lots of fist-pounding and teeth-gnashing in an apparent impression of Dave Regan.

So… why are the union’s shop stewards not so interested in helping SEIU-UHW? 

Hmm… maybe it has something to do with all of the sell-out contracts that SEIU officials have rammed down their throats? Or the union’s total lack of representation of workers who need help defending themselves against nasty bosses? Or the back-room deals that Regan and Escamilla have cut with greedy companies?

In fact, Tasty hears that things have gotten even worse for the union’s nursing home workers. Several months ago, Regan stripped at least half of SEIU-UHW’s Union Reps out of the union’s nursing homes, and then reassigned them to Kaiser hospitals because of SEIU's declining support. As a result, even the union’s own shop stewards are threatening to file NLRB charges -- called “Duty of Fair Representation” charges -- against Regan and Co. for failing to help the union’s dues-paying members.

Tasty would love to be a fly on the wall when Greg Pullman -- Regan’s Chief of Staff -- summons Escamilla to his office for an accountability session. At one point, Pullman actually married Escamilla. And, in a quirk that appears to afflict high-paid SEIU officials like Tyrone Freeman – it’s unclear whether they ever actually ended their marital liaison.  

Sounds like they’ll have lots to talk about!