Thursday, February 21, 2013

SEIU Enlists Mickey and Goofy in its Kaiser Campaign

As U.S. workers struggle to rebuild the power of their labor unions, SEIU has launched a bold new strategy to rally workers' support in the fight against the giant corporations that dominate our economy. 

"What kind of strategy?," you may be asking.

…Dance offs?
…Team Salad Days?

Nope. Something even more powerful.

That’s right! “SpongeBob SquarePants” and “Contract Buddy.”

SEIU has once again marshaled the astonishing power of SpongeBob. Last summer, SEIU deployed him to cheer on the handfuls of Kaiser workers who participated in SEIU-UHW’s lame-ass “Wellness Walk,” which SEIU’s Joe Simoes famously compared to the Montgomery Bus Boycott.

Then, just days ago, SpongeBob returned to the lives of Kaiser workers as “Contract Buddy” ...and he'll soon be featured in SEIU’s propaganda campaign for the upcoming NLRB election at Kaiser Permanente. Check out “Contract Buddy” in action on SEIU-UHW’s Facebook page. 


So... is Contract Buddy winning the hearts and minds of Kaiser’s workers? Check out the comments posted by workers at the bottom of SEIU-UHW’s Facebook page (see above - click to enlarge). Here's what one worker wrote in response to Contract Buddy’s question: “What do you love about your contract?”

Contract Buddy is good friends with the employer.... He's their buddy(the employer) not yours...

Ouch! A second worker says:

I like how SEIU claims the entire 60+yrs of the contract as their earned own, after firing and accusing those who got it to where it is today. Oh, let's not leave out how they are no where in sight for representation except when it is election time, the electon they rigged last time.

So what’s next for SEIU’s “Disney-fication” of the labor movement and its desire to treat workers like little children? Hmmm... 

Will Dave Regan employ the charms of Goofy to convince SEIU members to give up their defined-benefit pension plan? 

Will unsuspecting Kaiser workers stumble across SEIU's “Contract Buddy” in a hospital parking lot as he satisfies the sexual urges of Kaiser’s corporate mascots, including “Marina the Water Otter” and this strange-looking green dude?

Well, Tasty wouldn’t be half-surprised if SEIU rolls out a video like this one to urge its members to hand over all of their benefits to Kaiser’s millionaire executives! Stay tuned!