Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Interested in the Tarzana Vote Count?

Yeah, Tasty too.

The NLRB says it will not count Providence Tarzana workers' ballots today so it can respond to more BS from SEIU. Apparently, here's what happened: After Providence Tarzana workers requested an NLRB election last year, SEIU filed bogus charges that stalled the election for months. Eventually, the NLRB threw out SEIU's blocking charges and ordered today's election. SEIU then asked the NLRB to reconsider the Board's decision to allow the election to take place, and apparently the NLRB hasn't completed its "re-review." The bottom line: the NLRB will not count workers ballots today, but will instead wait until they've finished the "re-review" requested by SEIU.

Tasty respectfully requests that the NLRB conduct a "re-review" of SEIU's BS stalling tactics. Gimme a break!