Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Worthwhile Reading on the SEIU--Unite/Here Settlement

Ben Smith at Politico "The agreement was a kind of lesson in negotiations. The UNITE faction of the merged union thought it was strengthening its position by merging into SEIU. Instead, it was the reverse. SEIU had too much to lose, and wound up paying a pretty high ransom for peace after HERE's combative president, John Wilhelm, made it clear he'd wage an all-out war indefinitely."

Randy Shaw at Beyond Chron "It represents an even bigger victory for the rank and file members of UNITE HERE, who rose to the challenge posed by SEIU’s attacks and reaffirmed their ability to struggle “one day longer” than their adversaries."

NYTimes "...Andrew Stern, the service employees’ recently retired president, had unsuccessfully negotiated to settle their intra-union feud."

Juan Gonzales at NY Daily News "Workers United, the faction that left UNITE HERE and joined SEIU, will keep the needle trades and laundries, two declining industries.

$85 million dollars in real estate and $75 million dollars in returned funds! Tasty thinks Tiger's wife should hire Wilhelm to get a divorce settlement for her--that man can negotiate!