Friday, July 9, 2010

Tiffany "I'm gonna kill you" Ford

How "old school" has SEIU become in its battle against Kaiser workers? Well, the Los Angeles courts just issued a restraining order against SEIU staffer Tiffany Ford after she threatened to kill two Kaiser social workers and then shoved another Kaiser employee. Apparently, the police were called and, after investigating, the courts issued a restraining order against Tiffany Ford to keep her away from Kaiser workers.

We've seen a lot of Dave Regan-style 'old school' bullying and intimidation since SEIU rode into town. Like the time that SEIU organizers threatened immigrant homecare workers with deportation if they voted for NUHW.

Or the time when a video caught SEIU Staffer Liz Castillo yelling at members and even hitting an NUHW volunteer in a hospital cafeteria.

SEIU's threats and physical violence against workers have gotta stop. It's not even funny anymore. This woman went into a hospital and threatened to kill members? WHAT THE HELL, SEIU? Why isn't she fired?

What does it say about an organization when it keeps multiple staffers on its payroll who've committed violence against workers and even threatened to kill them? Is this the new SEIU that Mary Kay is building?

Apparently, it's not too troubling to SEIU leaders, who've adopted a deliberate strategy of creating "WW III" inside Kaiser facilities.

While SEIU may not be winning over members, it sure is collecting quite a stack of criminal complaints.