Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Latest on SEIU's New "Book"

Remember that new SEIU-funded book called "Stronger Together: The Story of SEIU" that Tasty mentioned earlier? It's the one written by Don Stillman, the husband of SEIU General Counsel Judy Scott? Well, I thought readers might enjoy this excellent review of the book on Beyond Chron.

Interestingly, Beyond Chron's book review got the attention of publishing house Chelsea Green, which SEIU describes as the book's publisher. Not so, says Chelsea Green. Turns out SEIU couldn't even find a company to publish the book, so SEIU "self-published" it and then tried to boost the book's street cred by apparently misinforming the public that it was actually published by a credible publishing house.

Tasty dreams of a world where SEIU gives straight answers, even just occasionally.