Friday, July 30, 2010

September 13th, 2010

Today, the NLRB set an election date for 43,500 Kaiser workers! Ballots will be mailed out on September 13 to workers in the Service, Maintenance, Clerical &Tech unit. Time to get busy, Kaiser workers! You have 6 weeks to get 'er done.

Meanwhile, SEIU continues to try to block elections for three other units of Kaiser workers who also requested elections last month. The NLRB has already held hearings on SEIU's bogus blocking charges, and it's now up to the NLRB's regional director to make a decision. If he acts soon, the NLRB can let these workers vote at the same time as their co-workers.

So how do SEIU's blocking charges square with SEIU's Steve Trossman's hostage-taking charges? Well, Tasty knows this may come as a shock to some readers, but Trossman is not too good with the truth. In fact, while Trossman was screaming that NUHW was somehow trying to hold Kaiser elections hostage, SEIU was filing NLRB briefs and these blocking charges to stop elections for workers in Kaiser's professional units. Trossman is quickly becoming the Pinocchio of SEIU (although there are LOTS challengers for this award over at SEIU). The problem with Trossman's lies is he's SEIU-UHW's Communication's Director. How does SEIU think that workers and the public will actually believe them when they blatantly lie? Glad there are so many attentive readers out there to call SEIU on their B.S.

SEIU is going to bring the crizazy-zombie-action over the next few weeks, keep Tasty informed!