Monday, July 12, 2010

SEIU and Unite/Here Settle-Or do they? UPDATED

Check out this Crain's NY article on the settlement. Not a ton of details:

As part of the deal, which still needs to be approved by the executive boards of both unions, the garment workers (Workers United) will also fork over a hefty amount of cash to the hotel workers (Unite Here). The total value of the deal to Unite Here, including the estimated $70 million, 28-story building, could be more than $150 million, according to sources familiar with the agreement. Unite Here will also regain control of some bargaining units that had flipped over to Workers United during the battle.

And this paragraph:

SEIU's new president, Mary Kay Henry, was determined to end the fight and played an influential role in hammering out the tentative deal with Mr. Wilhelm, sources said. Its affiliate is paying a hefty price, but after almost two years of fighting that took time and resources away from organizing workers and a toll on the union's reputation, leaders were anxious for peace, at whatever price.

Well, well. The new Prez settles, but SEIU still loses big. $150 million, plus all the money spent on the fight, plus all the hours spend fighting, plus all the dues lost...and SEIU still has to keep Raynor! Lose, lose!



Unite Here issued a statement on this article:


From: John W. Wilhelm, President

There is no agreement with SEIU, despite rumors to the contrary. While we
continue to talk, and make some progress, difficult issues remain
unresolved. I will notify members of the GEB promptly in the event a
settlement is achieved. Meanwhile, we continue on our present course to
defend our Union, and I remain grateful for your steadfastness and courage.

Something is up...but they must be close, for Crain's to have enough to write a story...will keep you posted. Sorry for any confusion!