Thursday, July 15, 2010

Working 5-2-1, ain't no way to make a livin'... embezzle some cash?

Seems like SEIU's knack for racking up more corruption scandals than organizing victories is holding steady. Only days after Tom Balanoff stepped down from the witness stand at Blago's corruption trial, MSNBC published this article about an official at SEIU Local 521 who embezzled more than $350,000 from members' insurance premiums to fund her special passion for, are you ready? Internet gambling!

The official, named Brandi Madewell (I'm not joking), is listed on the Executive Board minutes of SEIU Local 521, where she recently proposed launching a new "Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy" for union members -- at no cost to the members!

Apparently, leaders at Local 521 were finally tipped off to Madewell's massive embezzlement scheme when numerous vendors complained they hadn't been paid in awhile (kind of a big clue, wouldn't you say?). Various articles in local newspapers say that Madewell was "placed on administrative leave" for stealing the more than $350k.

Administrative leave? Now where have I heard that before... Is she gonna get the same "reassignment-to-the-DC-office" deal that Rickman Jackson and Annelle Grajeda got? Tasty doesn't think so, because SEIU's top officers only give that deal to their special friends and personal appointees. But hey, just in case Madewell has a special relationship with one of SEIU's top officers, Tasty recommends that SEIU staffers in the DC office keep an eye out for perhaps the newest addition to Mary Kay Henry's staff.