Monday, July 26, 2010

Unite/Here Beats Back the SEIU Attack

Tonight Unite/Here President John Wilhelm issued a statement--the settlement that was imminent is final.

I am pleased to report we have reached a binding agreement with SEIU that brings an end to nearly two years of hostilities.
I credit new SEIU President Mary Kay Henry for personally devoting her energy to making this agreement. For the sake of workers and the labor movement, I hope that this is the first step in making SEIU the great Union it can be under her leadership.
UNITE HERE is proud that the agreement preserves its exclusive jurisdiction to organize in the hotel and gaming industries. It also lays out a level playing field for both Unions in the food service industry.
And it restores to UNITE HERE the bulk of the financial assets that have been tied up in federal court, including the Manhattan real estate. UNITE HERE and SEIU agreed to seek approval from federal regulators to transfer ownership of the Amalgamated Bank to SEIU-affiliated Workers United.
As a result of the above jurisdictional and financial terms, UNITE HERE is in a strong position to represent our members effectively and to bring hope to non-Union workers in our industries.
I congratulate UNITE HERE members, leaders, staff, and attorneys all across the U.S., Canada, and Puerto Rico whose strength and solidarity proved more than equal to this challenge.
We have won back our Union.

But in the end--SEIU got the bank. Tasty wonders what the details are, and what it means for NUHW...send in your observations, tipsters!

PS Wilhelm really lays it on thick for MK. Wonder if he would say that off the record?