Monday, March 18, 2013

Dave Regan Assigns Ex-Cop Busted for Elvis Fraud to Campaign for SEIU-UHW at Kaiser

It looks like Denver Henderson, the faux journalist from Montana, is just the tip of the iceberg among Dave Regan’s standout recruits working on SEIU’s Kaiser campaign. 

Tasty has learned that Regan has assigned John Solis (another pillar of integrity) to work as an organizer trying to convince workers at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center in Northern California to vote for SEIU-UHW in the upcoming NLRB election. 

Solis is reportedly a former cop in the San Francisco Police Department who got busted for grand theft after he defrauded Elvis collectors of an estimated $32,000. By the way, Solis happened to commit his felony while serving as a cop!

Oh... and Solis was also reportedly busted for shop-lifting toys at Costco while wearing his police uniform, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

How did Solis swindle the Elvis merchants?

According to Solis’s wife, he’s been fascinated with “The King” since he was 10 years old… and even built an Elvis shrine at the couple’s home in Hercules, California. 

Here’s how the San Francisco Chronicle tells the next part of this pathetic, strange-ass story:

Hercules police say Solis ordered hundreds of Elvis compact discs, videos, books, watches and other collectible items, and in many cases claimed he never received them so he could get his money back from the shippers.

It is a case that Hercules Police Detective William Imboden called ''nothing like I've ever seen before."

Solis was arrested Monday and more than 800 items were seized from his home after more than four months of investigation, Imboden said yesterday.

At the time of his arrest on suspicion of grand theft and forgery, Solis was already facing misdemeanor charges in San Francisco in connection with a shoplifting case.

Prosecutors say Solis twice went to a Costco store in his police uniform in June, took toys from the shelf, claimed to have bought them and then tried to exchange them for similar, less expensive toys to get cash for the difference.

After his arrest on eight counts of grand theft and forgery, Solis was held on $100,000 bail and later pleaded ‘no contest’ to grand theft.

In this article -- “S.F. Cop Could Face ‘Jailhouse Rock’ If He Defrauded Elvis Fans” -- the Chronicle describes how “Solis defrauded an Arkansas man out of 90 rare Elvis videos worth $2,700” and “scammed a Texas woman for $3,700 worth of books, CDs and other items.” Quite a guy.

Hmm... perhaps it wasn’t such a good idea for Regan to give Solis access to Kaiser workers’ social security numbers and personal information, including their employee ID numbers.

So what kind of stolen items did Solis display in his shrine to “The King?” 650 CDs, 160 videos, 38 books, framed posters, plaques, gold records, signed photos, wallets… even an Elvis eyeglass case.

Apparently, Solis used multiple aliases during his Elvis-inspired crime spree, including “Alex Alexander,” which is reportedly taken from his middle name. Here's how Solis is listed on SEIU-UHW’s 2011 report to the U.S. Department of Labor (what's called an "LM-2").

Interestingly, Solis continues to be a topic of heated conversation on Elvis fan sites, including and, where Elvis devotees have posted messages with titles like this: “Jailed Elvis Ripoff artist on the prowl again!”

But wait… that’s not all. 

Regan’s felonious storm-trooper is also a less-than-stellar trade unionist! According to the monthly journal of the San Francisco Police Officers Association, Solis was suspended from the union after he failed to pay his dues for a whole year! Check out the excerpt below.

Sounds like Solis will be super successful at convincing Kaiser workers to vote for SEIU-UHW! Who else has Regan recruited to chase Kaiser workers down hospital hallways??