Saturday, March 9, 2013

How Low Can You Go? Ask SEIU-UHW’s Gurpreet Dhoot

A reader nominated one of SEIU-UHW’s Union Reps for induction into Tasty’s Purple Hall of Shame. See what you think.

Gurpreet Dhoot is a Union Rep at a Kaiser Permanente hospital in San Jose, California. Every two weeks, she collects a big fat paycheck that’s paid for by workers’ union dues. In return, Gurpreet is supposed to actually help the union’s members.

This week, a worker at the hospital took a late lunch because her supervisor had piled extra work on her at the beginning of her shift. In the hospital’s cafeteria, Gurpreet happened to spy the worker as she ate her late lunch. Gurpreet carefully checked her watch and concluded that this SEIU-UHW member -- whom Gurpreet doesn’t happen to like -- was taking an extra long lunch in violation of company policy. So Gurpreet raced to Kaiser’s H.R. Department and turned the worker in to the Boss! 

Fortunately, Gurpreet’s incompetence is abundant and boundless… even when attempting to narc on unsuspecting union members. Kaiser’s H.R. officials determined that the worker had simply taken a late lunch. 

Soon, news of Gurpreet’s job as a covert snitch for the Boss leaked onto the floors of the hospital, leaving Gurpreet lower than a snake’s ass in the minds of workers.

Tasty wonders if this is the latest “innovative” part of SEIU-UHW’s partnership with Kaiser. We already know that SEIU-UHW’s shop stewards and Union Reps are working as Wellness Cops (aka, “Wellness Ambassadors”).  Apparently, they’ve been instructed to police the floors of Kaiser’s hospitals on behalf of the Boss.

Of course, if Tasty is incorrect, then Dave Regan can prove him wrong by simply firing Gurpreet Dhoot. Dave?