Sunday, March 31, 2013

SEIU Reports $42 Million in Red Ink to U.S. Department of Labor

SEIU is facing serious financial problems, according to an annual report it just submitted to the U.S. Department of Labor.

First, SEIU reports that it lost 45,000 members last year -- apparently one of the biggest losses of any union in the country. SEIU is expected to report additional membership losses in 2013, which could reduce its membership by an additional 100,000 workers.  

What about SEIU-UHW? Its membership has dropped by more than 3,000 since 2008.

Secondly, SEIU reports it’s bleeding money like a pig in a wood chipper. How much red ink? Last year, SEIU lost $41.9 million.  

And that’s not all. SEIU has slashed the amount of money it's spending on “representation” by $12.6 million -- a 15 percent cut.

But don’t worry. Even though workers are getting less representation, SEIU’s staffers are pocketing massive pay increases.   

At SEIU-UHW, Stan Lyles saw his paycheck increase from $105,758 in 2011 to $145,600 in 2012 -- a 37% pay increase! Meanwhile, Steve Trossman -- who’s linked to the Tyrone Freeman corruption scandal -- got a $10,000 pay increase that boosted his 2012 annual pay to $166,098.

And here’s a story that speaks volumes about the priorities of SEIU’s staffers. Workers at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center report that SEIU-UHW organizer Fola Afariogun is begging Kaiser workers to vote for SEIU-UHW so he won’t lose his cushy job. Like other SEIU staffers, Afariogun is apparently super nervous about the giant election.

How much does Fola earn? During the past two years, SEIU-UHW paid him more than $205,000, according to records from the Department of Labor.

Last week, Fola even paraded his teenage son through the hospital and told workers that if SEIU-UHW loses the election, he’ll have a hard time sending his son to college. Pathetic, right?

So what is Fola doing with the $200,000 he pocketed during the past two years? Well, here’s a hint. Fola drives a Mercedes Benz to work every day! And he’s regularly spotted in Brooks Brothers buying all the fancy clothes and hip caps that he wears to work every day.

Looks like SEIU has more than a financial deficit! 

Here’s an excerpt from the DOL report that details SEIU’s $41.9 million in red ink. (Click on image to enlarge.)