Monday, March 25, 2013

Garry Brooks: Kung Fu Cowboy Is SEIU-UHW's Gun-for-Hire at Kaiser Permanente

SEIU-UHW's Garry Brooks

Here’s another look at the stranger-than-fiction lives of the SEIU organizers who’ve been assigned to try to recruit purple votes at Kaiser Permanente.

Admittedly, it’s hard to beat an ex-cop Elvis fraudster. But hey… Garry Brooks is no shrinking violet! 

According to Tasty’s sources (and Garry's indelible imprint on the internet), Brooks is a gun-toting, Kung-Fu-master, wanna-be-cowboy-film-star who built a bomb shelter in his back yard.

Kaiser workers know him as the so-called Kaiser employee who travels the state pushing SEIU-UHW's lies and threats. When he's out campaigning, Brooks reportedly likes to tell workers he’s “volunteering” for SEIU-UHW even though he pockets hefty paychecks from Dave Regan

In 2011 (the most recent year available), Regan listed Brooks as “an Organizer” on the SEIU-UHW's Form LM-2 and paid him a total of $32,759, which Brooks took home on top of his regular earnings at Kaiser. Nowadays, Regan is reportedly paying Brooks more than $50 per hour (plus expenses) to campaign for SEIU-UHW at Kaiser hospitals. (Click on the image to enlarge.)

SEIU-UHW's DOL Form LM-2 for 2011
And it turns out that misinformation isn’t Brooks’s only talent.

Garry describes himself as a master in Kung-Fu San Soo. And he reportedly built a customized bomb shelter in his back yard. It turns out he’s one of only three Americans who actually believed George Bush’s claims that Saddam Houssein could lob inter-continental missiles into the “homeland.”

But wait… that’s not all.

Brooks is also an “Old West reenactor at the world famous Pioneer Town Posse located in Yucca Valley, California.” He even hires himself out in a cowboy costume for conventions, birthday parties, after-work happy hours, whatever.  

Brooks is also a wanna-be screen star in cowboy films! In fact, he apparently invested money in a film production company called “Tiki Productions,” which then gave Brooks a third-bit role as “Jack Johnson” in a box-office-busting film called “Tales of the Frontier.” 

If you missed this gem of a movie, it’s probably because you overlooked its eye-catching production techniques and slogan: “Saddle up and prepare to tame the West!” Here’s the film’s promotional poster.

Brooks has even dabbled in penning screenplays for Western movies. But from the looks of his writing on the internet, it appears that Garry's got a way to go before he hits it big. He starts an online bio with this phrase: "I was born at a very early age in San Diego, California." (Tasty is not kidding!)

It’s clear that Brooks absolutely loves horses and guns (see the pics below)… and, uhh, bomb shelters. But he’s apparently less enthused about SEIU-UHW... aside from collecting a fat purple paycheck. Recently, a reader snapped this picture of Garry dozing in the cafeteria of a Kaiser hospital while he was supposed to be busy misinforming Kaiser’s workers.

For those who are interested in sampling some of the spectacular highlights from Garry’s film career, Tasty has posted photos below. If you happen to spot Garry in your Kaiser hospital, ask him how much SEIU-UHW is paying him to push SEIU's lies... and if Regan is giving him extra premium pay for wearing cowboy boots and a vest. Sounds like this gun-for-hire will do whatever it takes to put dollars in his pocket!
(Is he wearing a bathrobe??)


Garry likes guns.