Sunday, March 3, 2013

Reader: "The Little Sycophant Must Have Been Desperate"

Here are some comments from readers about two of Tasty’s recent posts.

A worker at Dignity Health’s Methodist Hospital in Sacramento, California comments about the news that Dignity Health pocketed $377 million in profits at the exact same time that SEIU-UHW’s Dave Regan let the company freeze 14,000 workers’ wages, slash their benefits, and lay off hundreds of SEIU-UHW members: 
We are seeing the fruits of Regan's generosity to his California Hospital Association partners. At Methodist we have layoffs, department restructuring to eliminate part-time benefited positions, classifications being eliminated outright, workload re-assignments without added FTE's, etc. Management is moving full steam ahead in implementing what they want, when they want, and how they want, with no regard for our CBA. Now, we can clearly see why.
Another Dignity worker writes this about his hospital:
Nutrition department is next for restructuring and rebidding.
And a third Dignity worker says this about SEIU-UHW’s Hal Ruddick:
Hal selling out the members... What's new about this????
And here are some comments about Tasty’s post on Octavio “Hall Monitor” Velarde. It appears that Velarde is one of those people who’ll sell just about anything for some cold, hard cash. Velarde worked at SEIU-UHW before the trusteeship and quit after Dave Regan and his DC pals imposed martial law on the union and fired thousands of the union’s democratically elected shop stewards. Velarde then ended up working for AFSCME Local 3299, which represents workers at the University of California’s hospitals… until he was fired… and then took a job with Dave Regan and the trustees! 

Here's what two of his former co-workers at AFSCME Local 3299 have to say:
You should have heard him trashing $EIU when he was at AFSCME. The little sycophant must be desperate.
What a joke. Looks like Octavio can’t find a job. I worked with him at AFSCME. He constantly talked sh*t about SEIU and the trustees and how f*cked up they are. And now he’s working for them? Like I said, what a joke.