Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Part 2 of Purple Conference Calls: Shop Stewards Admit SEIU-UHW Can't Protect Kaiser Workers from Boss

Here’s the 40-second clip of two SEIU-UHW shop stewards talking about how SEIU-UHW is letting Kaiser Permanente fire record numbers of its members… sometimes because a manager just “doesn’t appreciate” a particular worker. This exchange occurred during an SEIU-UHW conference call for shop stewards on November 20, 2012, which Tasty described in this post

Remember… these are the union’s shop stewards who are talking about SEIU-UHW’s apparent total inability to stop Kaiser from firing workers on a whim!

Basically, SEIU-UHW is either (a) totally ineffective or (b) completely in bed with the Boss. Hmm… or perhaps SEIU-UHW is (c) totally ineffective AND in bed with their partner, Kaiser! Here's the clip.