Tuesday, March 12, 2013

SEIU-UHW’s ‘Deceptive’ Dave Regan Is Outed by Unusual Source on Partnership Tax

Ever since Dave Regan forced Kaiser workers to start paying a “Partnership Tax,” SEIU-UHW has carefully hidden the tax’s dirty details from the union's members. 

In fact, officials at SEIU-UHW and Kaiser Permanente carefully rigged the tax so there’s no record of it on workers’ pay stubs. Some workers have begun to wonder, “Are we actually paying the Partnership Tax?”

Well, here’s the answer. And it comes courtesy of an unusual source: Tamara Rubyn, the president of OPEIU Local 29 -- a “partnership” union!

According to a memo penned by Rubyn (see below), the Partnership Tax is actually “a wage diversion.” Rubyn writes:

The nine cents ($0.09) per hour wage diversion shall go into effect the payroll period covering October 1, 2012.

What's a "wage diversion"?

According to Rubyn, Kaiser deducts the tax directly from workers’ wage rates. That’s why it doesn’t show up on workers’ pay stubs like the deductions for union dues. Instead... if Kaiser is supposed to pay you $20.60 per hour, you’re only getting $20.51. It’s a devious form of taxation without notification!

Even though Rubyn coughed up lots more info than Deceptive Dave, she forgot to mention a few important details. For example… by lowering your wage rate, the Partnership Tax reduces all of your benefits that are tied to your gross pay such as your pension, Social Security, unemployment, disability, etc. This, of course, saves Kaiser a bundle of money.

How much are SEIU-UHW’s members now paying in “Partnership Taxes” each year? More than $6 million! And that’s on top of workers’ regular union dues.

What are these millions in Partnership Taxes used for? According to an SEIU-UHW handout, they’re used “to fund multiple partnership activities such as training of workers and managers on the National Agreement, conferences on the Labor Management Partnership.” Uhh... workers are paying to train Kaiser's managers? WTF!
Plus, most of this money is sent straight back to Kaiser, which last year pocketed $2.6 billion in profits.

No wonder Regan has tried so hard to hide the details of his Partnership Tax from Kaiser’s workers!