Friday, July 15, 2011

Andy’s BFF

Tasty thought that readers might enjoy this pop quiz. (Don’t worry… it’s multiple choice). So here you go:

Imagine you’re the President Emeritus of one of the nation’s biggest labor unions and you claim to be leading a “revival” of the labor movement.

(1) Would you (a) become Best F***ing Friends (BFFs) with David Cote, the CEO of Honeywell International, a Fortune 500 company or (b) would you give the finger to this MoFo CEO?

Here are a few clues: In 2010, David Cote locked out 230 workers at a uranium-processing plant in Illinois as part of his effort to slash workers’ pensions, retiree health plan and health insurance… including raising each workers’ out-of-pocket health expense to $8,500 a year. (In case you didn’t catch this detail, uranium is RADIOACTIVE, so these workers kinda REALLY NEED health insurance). More clues: The workers are members of the United Steel Workers Local 7-669. CEO David Cote makes more than $12 million a year and is a Republican.

(2) If you were stupid enuf to become BFFs with Cote, would you (a) hope that no one notices, or (b) would you tell the Washington Post that you’re BFFs in an article like this?

(3) Okay, so let’s say you and the MoFo CEO get appointed to Obama’s Deficit Commission. Would you (a) “talk and e-mail at least once a week” with Cote, “sit together at commission meetings,” and even arrange a field trip together (Washington Post) or (b) would you kick the MoFo CEO in the shins with your heaviest pair of boots?

Well… Tasty is confident that every first grader on the planet would score 100% on this ethics quiz. Unfortunately, SEIU’s President Emeritless scored a big fat “0” (musta been those stock options dancing in his head). Kinda helps explain things, doesn’t it.

B/t/w: Readers can support the uranium workers, who are waging a heroic fight against a lockout that’s lasted more than a year. You can donate to the locked-out workers here.

P.S. Yes, the picture above is of Andy with his BFF David Cote.