Sunday, July 24, 2011

Staff Problems at SEIU Michigan Healthcare!

Sounds like SEIU is having more problems in Michigan. Tasty hears that four organizers -- including senior organizer Krista Sturgis -- quit their jobs at SEIU Healthcare Michigan last week.

Reliable sources tell Tasty that staffers are frustrated with the local's leaders (including Marge Faville, Johnnie Jolliffi and Mark Raleigh) as well as the local's new director Eric Noice, who's reportedly been disrespectful towards the union's staffers.

During the past 2 months, six organizers have reportedly quit their jobs at the local -- and some are apparently talking about picketing the local's offices!

Insiders say that President Marge Faville has not been seen in the Detroit office in almost two months (...sources say she's camped out in the Muskegon office) and that the local has not held its regular monthly, all-staff meeting since April.

The recent staff resignations follow the resignation of Stephanie Arellano, who some describe as "the only smart person on the whole staff." Arellano reportedly quit because working with Mark Raleigh became unbearable.

Meanwhile, the local's officials are spending big bucks on newspaper ads and other gimmicks in a desperate effort to appeal to workers who've filed for two NLRB decert elections so they can join NUHW. What's next? Maybe SEIU should bring Andy Stern -- or Rickman "$32,000" Jackson -- to deliver an inspirational speech to the staff!