Wednesday, July 6, 2011

A Note from the Inside

Sounds like things are not going too well under the trustees. Check out this note from a union staffer at UHW:

SEIU is restructuring / reorganizing the operations at UHW. They’ve determined that they over-hired for many positions, so they’re pushing many people out, forcing them to move, or moving them to positions they weren't hired under. They’re trying to make sure it’s not considered a lay-off so they don't have to pay unemployment benefits. They’re also trying to pick on those who’re on the verge of breakdowns, and they’re targeting them just when they’re getting help or right before they get help.

Well… no wonder Dave Regan is allowing healthcare companies to cut UHW members’ jobs and to bully them on the job. Looks like Regan is working from the same playbook as the bosses.