Thursday, July 21, 2011

“OMG. WTF. I can’t do it again…”

Looks like SEIU staffers are experiencing some serious panic, dread and anxiety as they imagine a re-run election at Kaiser. Check out what they’re posting on their Facebook pages, including this one belonging to SEIU’s Seth Hemond.

During last summer’s Kaiser election, Hemond was parachuted into California from Washington State, where he works for SEIU Local 775. LaDawna “ALL CAPS” Howard used to be Mary Kay Henry’s personal assistant and now works as an Assistant Director of the Health Systems Division in SEIU’s Purple Palace in DC. The other guy, Dave Lowitzki, works as a Researcher at an SEIU local in Illinois.

Well, SEIU staffers, here’s Tasty’s advice: Ya better start figuring out a plan to skip the next election, cuz it ain’t gonna be easy. Kaiser workers have already experienced one round of SEIU’s lies, disinformation and bullying, and they’re not gonna be buying all the B.S. that SEIU tries to sell to workers. Maybe this’ll help you.