Thursday, July 28, 2011

Moral Bankruptcy

Remember the story about the administrative law judge who found SEIU’s trustees guilty of ordering the illegal firing of an SEIU member from his job as an Electroencephalogram Tech at a California hospital?

The worker, a popular rank-and-file leader who had criticized SEIU’s trustees for failing to provide representational services to his co-workers, was fired under the pretext that he owed SEIU a grand total of $236 in union dues.

(SEIU staffer Cory Cordova played a pivotal role in the firing.)

On June 29, the judge ruled the firing illegal and ordered SEIU to make the worker “whole” by giving him backpay, plus interest, and clearing the way for him to return to work.

Next steps??

Seems like a no-brainer for SEIU, right? After all, SEIU officials were caught red-handed committing a moral betrayal of the worst kind –- fratricide rather than solidarity, brotherhood, respect.

It’s supposed to be bosses who fire workers and steal the bread off their family’s dinner table… not unions, right? So SEIU should pay the money. Get the worker his job back. Seems simple.

Not if you’re Dave Regan. This week, Regan –- in his arrogant, bully-boy style –- ordered SEIU’s hack attorneys to appeal the judge’s ruling. This means the worker will be left without his job for more months... and SEIU will be forced to write him an even fatter check when they lose one more time at the NLRB in Washington, DC.

Meanwhile, SEIU will pay tens of thousands more dollars to its hack attorneys (Bruce Harland and Jacob White from Weinberg, Roger and Rosenfeld), who are busy recording billable hours.