Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Canadian Healthcare Workers Win Another Election!!

Today, a unit of 300 workers at a SECOND hospital in Ontario, Canada voted to leave SEIU and join the Ontario Workers’ Union! The victory – by a vote of 132 to 75 – took place at Humber River Regional Hospital, which is one of Canada’s largest regional hospitals and is affiliated with the University of Toronto.

Tasty hears that Sharleen Stewart (president of SEIU Local 1-ON) didn’t show her face at the vote count. Instead, she sent Tim Cadeau (“Executive Assistant to President Stewart” and the local's former Organizing Director), who pulled a “Jerry Springer” move that’s eerily reminiscent of Ragin’ Dave Regan’s alcohol-fueled antics.

Here’s what happened. When government officials announced the final vote count, Cadeau threw a table across the room in frustration and then had to be restrained by one of the hospital’s HR officials. Cadeau was then escorted off the property by hospital security guards as three agents from the Canadian labor board looked on. Way to go, Timmy! (that’s him pictured above… apparently on a happier day).

Workers’ victory in today’s election follows last week’s triumph at William Osler Hospital, where workers voted by a two-to-one margin to join OWU.

Congratulations to our Canadian sisters and brothers! Keep up the great work!

PS. Hey Timmy, unless you get some serious counseling, Tasty sees this in your future.