Wednesday, July 13, 2011

This site may be G-Rated, but…

Tasty got lots of mail from readers about the judge’s “guilty” verdict against SEIU, but especially liked this reader’s note:

Hey Tasty – I read that judges ruling. I won’t write down all the words running thru my head cuz I know your website is G-Rated. But WTF! That worker is totally right about SEIU trustees being AWOL. In my hospital, theres no representation. They let management do whatever they damn well want. Managers are firing people for the smallest thing and even firing them cuz their injured and sick. Its like having no union at all. What gets me is how SEIU spends all that time and energy to fire their own member. How is it that their filing grievances to get dues money from the members, but their doing absolutely zero to help people who are getting screwed by management?