Wednesday, July 20, 2011

'The Worst Day in the History of SEIU'

So what’s happening inside SEIU? Tasty hears that when the judge announced her decision to toss out the Kaiser election results, Trustee Dave Regan told SEIU staffers it was “the worst day in the history of SEIU.”

Hmmm… kinda says something about Dave Regan, doesn’t it?

Apparently, Dave is all torn up because he’s finally been found guilty of violating workers’ rights. But I guess Dave wasn’t too upset when he was actually COMMITTING all the violations.

So Dave... see if you can answer these simple questions: Why WASN’T it “the worst day in the history of SEIU”…

…when you ran a campaign of lies, disinformation and threats against SEIU’s own members?

…when you made back-room deals with Kaiser’s executives to cut workers’ pensions and health benefits?

…when two separate Superior Court judges were forced to issue restraining orders against SEIU staff for threatening to kill Kaiser workers simply because they supported NUHW?

…when your staff heckled and bullied labor legend Dolores Huerta, the 80-year-old co-founder of the United Farm Workers, and even told her to “Go back to the fields” because she was visiting NUHW supporters in a Kaiser hospital cafeteria?

…when your staff – including Angela Hewitt – beat their fists on tables and shouted down workers inside Kaiser cafeterias so they couldn’t talk to one another about the election?

…when you adopted a disgusting strategy of converting Kaiser facilities into “World War III” battlegrounds to try to intimidate Kaiser workers into silence?

Well, Dave… whatsa matter? Cat got your tongue?