Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Dave Regan's Fat Cats at SEIU-UHW

Readers are asking Tasty lots of questions about the sky-high salaries at SEIU-UHW... like, who’s getting all the giant hand-outs from Dave Regan? Well, there are too many SEIU fat cats to name 'em all… so here are just some of the 2011 salaries at SEIU-UHW.

Steve Trossman: $196,520
Hal Ruddick: $155,304
Greg Pullman: $151,712
Joe Simoes: $149,308

And do you remember Alex “Krooked” Espinoza, the wanna-be rapper who moonlights as an SEIU-UHW Field Rep? He’s the idiot who spouts lyrics like this: If you're a "homo" you should "keep on walkin'" or Krooked might "fuck you with a 2x4." Well, apparently Dave Regan loves Krooked’s lyrics – he’s handed him a $35,000 pay hike since Regan rolled into town, boosting Krooked’s annual pay to $124,120 in 2011.

SEIU-UHW’s members may be surprised to learn that their hard-earned dues have funded Greg Maron’s and Cass Gualvez’s transition into the richest 2.9% of households in the United States. That’s right… this couple now earns more than a quarter million dollars a year ($264,148).

Meanwhile, Keisha Stewart has pocketed a 50% pay increase to $130,000… even though SEIU-UHW insiders report she doesn’t even come to the office anymore.

Other fat cats enjoying Regan’s dues-funded largesse?  Hortencia Armendariz at $126,844.

And some readers may remember Nancy Herrera-Barrett, a Field Rep in SEIU-UHW’s Kaiser Division.  Nancy is one of those people who tries to cover up their incompetence by fronting tons of attitude, hot air and pushiness. In fact, Nancy (who really should be the subject of a lengthy psychological experiment) was on the verge of getting fired in 2009 when SEIU’s DC trustees stormed into California. Since then, Regan has poured barrels of money into Nancy’s pockets… a 50% pay increase that’s boosted her pay from $83,664 in 2008 to $122,284 in 2011.

Other fat cats? Check out Mylka Rodriguez, whose pay jumped from $71,944 in 2008 to $117,912 in 2011 – almost a $50,000 increase.

More to come later….

P.S. Inquiring readers are asking: Where do Tasty’s 2011 salary figures come from? The U.S. Department of Labor. After SEIU formally ended its trusteeship over SEIU-UHW in the beginning of April 2011, the U.S. Department of Labor required the trustees to file a financial report covering the first three months of 2011. The report lists each staffer’s pay for the first three months of 2011.  So, to calculate each staffer’s annual salary, all you gotta do is multiply by four. For example, here’s what Steve Trossman earned in the first three months of 2011 (you can click on the image to blow it up).

His annual salary: $49,139 x 4 = $196,520