Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Paycheck Calculator for Dave Regan??

It sounds like Kaiser workers have plenty of ideas about who really needs a “paycheck calculator.” Here’s one reader’s comment:
Members were outraged to hear how much Dave and Co. are making. And to think Seiu is coming around and calculating worker's 3% raise. We should have them calculate Dave's raise!!!
Great idea! After all, 3% is easy. What’s really tough is keeping track of all the zeros on Dave Regan’s paycheck!

So what would Regan’s paycheck calculator tell us? Well, Tasty did a little digging into Dave’s wages ­and benefits. Here’s what Tasty has found so far:
REGAN’S SALARY IN 2010:  $298,647

REGAN’S PENSION BENEFITS$250,000+ per year until death. That’s right. King Dave is sitting on a super-fat defined-benefit pension plan… which is paid for by SEIU members. When Dave retires, his annual pension benefits will be calculated by using Dave’s three highest-paid years on the job and his years of service. With Dave’s annual salary already hitting $300,000, he’ll easily take home $250,000 a year in pension benefits… for life. And who pays for Regan’s pension? Each year, SEIU-UHW members chip in the equivalent of 14% of Dave’s salary into his pension fund. So what did workers contribute in 2010? Let’s do the math: 14% of $298,647 = $41,810.

REGAN’S RETIREE HEALTH BENEFITS:  Along with a fat pension, King Dave also gets a special benefit that’s only given to SEIU’s top officers:  fully paid health insurance for the rest of his life after he retires. How much does this cost? Well, Tasty hasn’t done a precise calculation yet, but readers can rest assured it’s boatloads of money.
So… it’s no mystery why SEIU-UHW members have anointed King Dave with his new title: “Wall Street Dave Regan.” Regan has left no stone unturned as he fattens his wallet courtesy of hard-working nursing assistants, housekeepers, unit assistants and other healthcare workers.

So… the next time a purple-shirted SEIU organizer shows up at your hospital with a “paycheck calculator,” tell them to calculate Dave Regan’s salary… and Stan Lyle’s, too. Also, ask them why the purple fat cats deserve so much money when they’re making secret back-room deals with Kaiser Permanente, Catholic Healthcare West, Daughters of Charity Health System and other companies to slash workers’ pensions and health coverage.