Thursday, October 27, 2011

Palace Intrigue and Succession Struggles at SEIU Local 99

Tasty hears there’s been some interesting maneuvering by the head honchos at SEIU Local 99, which represents 25,000 classified school employees in Los Angeles. Here’s what’s going on.

Bill Lloyd has been running the local union ever since Andy Stern appointed him a trustee in 2004. Lloyd is supposed to be retiring soon, so the Purple Palace parachuted another DC official named Neneki Lee into Local 99 so she could inherit the reins of power when Lloyd packs his bags. Democracy in action!

Btw, Tasty hears that trusteeships have been real good for Lee and her partner, Laphonza Butler, who also comes from the Purple Palace and was appointed the trustee of SEIU Local 6434 in Los Angeles.

Back at Local 99, the SEIU-engineered succession plan was going hunky dory until Lloyd had a sudden change of heart and announced he wanted to keep his phat gig at Local 99 for a few more years. Tasty hears that Neneki Lee blew a gasket and quit her job in a rage.

Where’d she end up? Well, since there weren’t any trusteeship openings available immediately, she picked the next highest-paying racket in town. That’s right! She’s now pulling down big bucks as a staffer at Kaiser’s labor-management partnership:

And why did Lloyd decide to hang onto his position at Local 99? Tune in tomorrow and Tasty will tell the rest of this story, including details about Tasty’s hands-on detective work!