Saturday, October 1, 2011

Letter from Reader on SEIU’s RICO Case

Tasty got this message about his post on SEIU’s RICO deal:

Hey Tasty,

Lemme see if I got this right. The people in SEIU’s DC office (Mary Kay Henry, Tom Woodruff, Mike Fishman) spent millions of OUR dues money while they were busy breaking federal racketeering laws. And when they got caught, they used even MORE of OUR dues money to buy a Get Out Of Jail For Free card so they could skip a trial that named them as individual defendants.

If I did this at my work, my ass would be in jail faster than you could say RICO. So why is it that SEIU is doing nothing to these people? As far as I can tell, none of them got fired. Nobody is making them pay back all OUR dues money they pissed down the toilet. No one got demoted. Nobody even took a pay cut.

No sir, Mary Kay and the fancy pants people in SEIU are still pulling down FAT SEIU paychecks paid by OUR dues. WTF!

Am I missing something, or is this total bullshit?

Pissed Off SEIU member
Hmmm... this reader makes solid points. And he asks fair questions that deserve honest answers. Mary Kay, perhaps you can help SEIU's hard-working dues payers to understand what's happening over at the Purple Palace. So don't be shy. Drop Tasty an email. And Tasty will gladly share it with readers... We're waiting...