Thursday, October 20, 2011

More Rigged Votes at SEIU-UHW

It sounds like Kaiser Permanente’s hospital in Walnut Creek, CA is not the only place where Dave Regan and Co. have been rigging elections to put their favorite people in union positions. After Tasty posted this piece, readers sent in more reports. Here’s one:

At Kaiser San Francisco Medical Center, SEIU-UHW rigged an election for Lisa Cox, who last month was busy using her Shop Steward position to unleash a thuggish strike-breaking operation against her co-workers. Cox reportedly teamed up with Kaiser’s supervisors to drag SEIU-UHW’s rank-and-file members into managers’ offices and then threaten them with discipline and termination if they honored the one-day strike by Kaiser’s 21,000 workers. 

So how did Cox become a Shop Steward in the first place? Was she elected by her co-workers, as required by union rules?  Not by a long shot. Cox, who’s widely disliked by her co-workers, actually lost an election in her department even though SEIU officials stacked the deck in her favor. They ran the election on a holiday, and didn't even announce it to workers in hopes of controlling the votes.

With Cox defeated, what did SEIU do next? They re-ran the rigged election, but with even more rigging! SEIU held a second “election” for Cox in the Ophthalmology Department… where Cox doesn’t even work… and which is located in an entirely different building. Plus, SEIU never announced the election to the Ophthalmology Department’s workers, meaning that Cox’s one vote made up a large part of the final vote tally.

Way to go, Dave Regan! With rigged ratification votes, loyalty oaths, and fraudulent union elections, SEIU has become quite the Banana Republic!