Monday, October 10, 2011

Crookin’ at Kaiser Permanente

Check out this photo from a Kaiser patient. It’s a purple-shirted SEIU-UHW organizer trolling for votes at a table inside Kaiser Oakland Medical Center.

So what’s the big deal? Well, this kind of activity is strictly illegal under Kaiser’s election rules. In fact, if NUHW tried to do it, you can bet Dave Regan’s salary ($300,000) that Kaiser would call the National Guard faster than you could say “Dave Regan is an overpaid fat cat.”

So how’s SEIU able to do this?  It’s another election scam brought to you by Kaiser Permanente and SEIU. Even though SEIU’s organizers are clearly campaigning for votes, SEIU and Kaiser say they’re somehow “enforcing” workers’ union contract.

Yeah, right!  As soon as last year’s NLRB election was done, SEIU snatched up all their cupcakes, pizzas and promises and quickly abandoned Kaiser’s facilities. In fact, Tasty hears that SEIU’s Field Reps wouldn’t even return phone calls from workers desperately needing help after getting suspended or fired by Kaiser managers who simply ignore the union’s contract.

As readers can imagine, Kaiser workers are finding it kinda hard to believe that SEIU has suddenly decided to flood their facilities with Field Reps to enforce the contract.

So what’s the SEIU organizer doing in the photo? It’s a scam campaigning exercise called “paycheck calculator”… which SEIU organizers use to threaten workers’ wages if they vote for NUHW.  Kaiser execs are letting SEIU set up tables with laptop computers in dozens of hospitals and clinics to do these bogus events. 

Tasty hopes that Mr. NLRB will take a good look at these kinds of scams in the government's newest investigation into SEIU and Kaiser's violations of U.S. labor law!