Monday, October 24, 2011

SEIU-UHW: More Crookin’ at Kaiser Permanente

It looks like union elections aren’t the only thing that SEIU-UHW officials are manipulating. Last week, SEIU officials apparently trashed the union’s rules in order to hand out a plum new job to a union official’s personal friend.

It happened at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center… where management posted a new 40-hour position in the hospital’s Environmental Services Department. Under the union’s rules, new positions are supposed to be awarded according to seniority after an open bidding process by workers.

Unfortunately, SEIU Contract Specialist Linda Hunter conveniently advertised the new 40-hour position to just a handful of people, including her friend, who then miraculously won the new job. Other workers had more seniority, but were kept in the dark about the opening. Apparently, full-time jobs are in high demand because SEIU let Kaiser chop many workers’ 40-hour jobs down to 24 or 32 hours a week.

Sources tell Tasty that Kaiser Walnut Creek’s EVS workers are none too happy with SEIU these days… and that Linda Hunter has become “Linda the Hunted!”