Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Is Dave Kieffer on the Chopping Block Again?

Remember Dave Kieffer? He’s the high-paid SEIU official from Washington, DC who was appointed by the Purple Palace to run SEIU’s multi-million-dollar lobbying operation in California, which is called  the “SEIU California State Council.”

The last time Tasty caught up with him, Kieffer was hanging onto his job by the skin of his teeth after the State Council’s board of directors deadlocked on a vote to can Kieffer. The vote came after Kieffer, who’s known for his oversized arrogance, offended the California’s newly elected Democratic governor.

Well… Tasty hears that Kieffer’s job is (once again) on the chopping block after the same Democratic governor vetoed two bills that were SEIU's top legislative priorities in 2011. First, the Governor vetoed Assembly Bill 101, which would have given SEIU the right to “unionize” nearly 80,000 childcare workers who work out of their homes as independent contractors. The San Francisco Chronicle described SEIU as “devastated.”

Next, the Governor vetoed Senate Bill 408, a key legislative priority for Dave Regan. The legislation targeted a hospital chain that withdrew recognition from SEIU-UHW as the union for workers at a hospital in Redding, California. The workers had previously been members of SEIU-UHW, but when a majority of them signed petitions saying they no longer supported SEIU after the trusteeship, the company simply stopped recognizing SEIU-UHW in January 2011.

Tasty hears that SEIU's twin legislative defeats are raising alarm bells in Sacramento and Washington, DC. Some insiders are pinning the blame on cocky Kieffer’s bone-headed blunders, which apparently have damaged SEIU so badly that it can’t even pass legislation in a state where Democrats control the Governor’s office along with both chambers of the state legislature.

According to insiders, Kieffer’s days are numbered…