Wednesday, October 19, 2011

SEIU Insurance Exec on the Lam after Embezzling $350K

Readers might’ve noticed that it was none other than Brandi Madewell who wrote one of the memos about SEIU’s brave new experiment in "insurance unionism." Ironically, Madewell is the SEIU official who embezzled $350,000 from SEIU Local 521’s own insurance company while the union’s president, Kristy Sermersheim, was sending the 37-year-old Madewell on union-paid junkets to North Carolina to study SEIU’s latest insurance industry innovations.

Madewell was also featured in this earlier post, where we learned how she used Local 521’s insurance company to fuel her addiction to internet gambling. (Hey Mary Kay, this SEIU insurance thing sounds like a super good idea!!)

Well, what ever happened to Madewell? Is she being questioned by Perry Mason in a stuffy courtroom somewhere?  Tasty is no lawyer, but he suspects Madewell could make a pretty compelling courtroom defense by pointing out that it actually took her several years to embezzle the $350,000… while Dave Regan made off with $300,000 of workers’ money in just one year!

As for Madewell, Tasty sees she hasn’t landed in court quite yet. The SEIU insurance exec, who's facing three years for grand theft, apparently pulled a “Bonnie and Clyde” and hit the road... with the police in hot pursuit. An article in the Bakersfield Californian begins this way: “Brandi Marcella Madewell, where are you?”

And check out this TV news coverage describing how Madewell made off with $350K: