Sunday, August 29, 2010

Caleb the Creepy Bathroom Monitor

Looks like zombie staffer Caleb Jennings, who lists his job as "Assistant Director Hospital Division at SEIU UHW" has been demoted to a bathroom monitor for the Kaiser campaign. You might remember another zombie staffer, Scott Silber, who took on the job of "hall monitor" at Kaiser West Los Angeles Medical Center in advance of SEIU's massive loss at Kaiser in January.

Well, looks like Caleb is following right in Scotty's footsteps. On Friday, two Kaiser employees were sitting at a table that NUHW supporters set up on the sidewalk in front of Kaiser Oakland to reach out to their co-workers. When the two women needed to use the bathroom, Caleb followed closely behind them all the way to the door of the women's bathroom. Sketchy much? And when they came out of the bathroom, they found "creepy Caleb the bathroom monitor" leaning against the wall right outside the bathroom door. Creepy Caleb then followed closely behind the two women as they went back outside to the table.

Perhaps Caleb was demoted to bathroom monitor because of his not-so-stellar performance at Prison Health Service (PHS), where workers gave him the name "faux-hawk" because...well, see the picture yourself.

In May, in a fiasco like the current one at Piedmont Gardens, Caleb filed a strike notice at PHS but forgot to put the return-to-work date on the strike notice. So the boss locked workers out when they tried to return to their jobs. SEIU, with workers locked out, then settled a concessionary contract that allows the company to slash workers health insurance coverage.

Look out, Piedmont Gardens workers. Who knows what kinda secret deals SEIU is cutting with your boss right now?