Monday, August 23, 2010

Meet Renee Sebeny, Pound for Pound the Most Expensive Zombie

Some Zombies are reluctant to come to California and fight the members here...but for some Zombies money talks.

Take, for instance, the case of one Renee Sebeny. Renee has been organizing healthcare workers in Southern California on and off for years. She has come and gone from SEIU a few times...doing such revolutionary things like 'going to business school.' But she is back to try to salvage the sinking ship that is Zombie UHW.

So why is she back? Tasty hears that she told SEIU--It's $120,000/yr or nothin.'

And she got it! Tasty salutes Renee's self-serving bargaining skillz.

No single staff member or elected official at the "old" UHW made close to that! It certainly is a new world at Zombie UHW.