Friday, August 20, 2010

Heads SHOULD Roll, But Probably Won't.

Check out today's Pleasanton Weekly article on the firings at Piedmont/Grand Lake Gardens. It's worth a read, but here is the key part:

"It's been the law since 1938," Durham (ABHOW company attorney David Durham)
said, "that employers can hire permanent or temporary replacements."

Durham said the workers are on a preferential list to be called back to work as openings occur.

Among the 38 fired workers are a couple, Johnny Lee, who's been with ABHOW for 30 years and his wife, Linda, who's been with the company 10 years.

Tasty really feels for the fired workers, like Johnny and Linda Lee who are mentioned above. They trusted their union, and the staff totally failed them--with devastating results. Who pays that family's mortgage now?

It is really embarrassing for SEIU that the boss can genuinely say "It's been the law since 1938."