Thursday, August 12, 2010

Stewards, Stewards, Stewards!

On Tuesday, a Respiratory Therapist and SEIU-UHW Shop Steward
Linda Koski at Kaiser Walnut Creek Medical Center announced her support for NUHW.

At the Kaiser clinic in the City of Tracy, Tasty hears that SEIU's main campaign strategy -- telling the "Big Lie" -- backfired in a major way. Across the state, SEIU has been trying to scare workers by telling them they'll lose their wages and benefits if they vote to join NUHW - which is simply a lie. In fact, SEIU said the EXACT OPPOSITE when it was recently trying to get workers in Los Angeles to leave the EAA union and to join SEIU.

In Tracy, Kaiser workers called the regional NLRB office and got the truth that labor law protects union members' wages and benefits when they switch unions. When workers confronted the SEIU organizer at their facility, he finally admitted he'd been misleading them all along. Workers reportedly told him: "You've been lying to us for months. How can we ever trust anything that comes out of your mouth?" (Let Tasty answer that question: YOU CAN'T!) Many workers at Tracy are now wearing red NUHW lanyards!

Tasty gives serious kudos to Steve, a worker at Kaiser San Francisco Medical Center who made this 1 1/2-minute homemade video that gives the Big Truth about SEIU's Big Lie. Check it out!