Sunday, August 29, 2010

Oh, the Screw Up at Piedmont Gardens that Got 38 People Fired? Yeah, SEIU Informs Us: It's NUHW's Fault!

A worker from Piedmont Gardens in a purple Zombie attire was at Kaiser San Jose on Friday, passing around this leaflet (left). They're trying to blame SEIU's careless Piedmont strike execution on NUHW!

According to reports, an NUHW supporter asked the SEIU staffer why 38 workers were permanently replaced, he again blamed it on NUHW! He was then asked if workers had problems like this before the trusteeship. The Kaiser member said they never had these issues a few years ago and said the last time they struck (a few years ago) they quickly won. We then asked the Zombie "What changed between then and now?" All the Zombie could do was say we weren't worth his time, and walk away mumbling about Sal Rosselli.

Tasty expects it's easier for him to believe that his union couldn't have been so careless with his future.

Here is an excerpt from the leaflet:

...At the same time that Piedmont Gardens' Executive Director Gayle Reynolds was trying to scare workers and prevent them from striking, NUHW organizers and leaders were telling us that if we participated in strike we would be fired. (Tasty's note: If someone told the workers that, well, it's true! The workers got fired!)

During the strike, Piedmont Gardens bragged on how they were able to sustain their operation through replacements and "staff members who chose to provide services to our residents during the srike." When we tried to return to work, management decided to once again break the law and permanently replace 38 of us.

It seems that Piedmont Gardens and NUHW have the same agenda. They want to break our spirit and our contract, but we won't let them in...

Just so we're all clear: The 38 workers were permanently replaced because SEIU-UHW staff failed to file the necessary Unfair Labor Practice charges that would have protected the workers. As the employer said to the newspaper: "It's been the law since 1938..."

That isn't the bosses' fault, and it sure as hell isn't another union's fault. The fault only lays with SEIU-- and their inability to fess up for this huge error is a true reflection of their character, and how stupid they think their own members are.