Saturday, August 21, 2010

SEIU Refuses to Debate NUHW--Thus We Have #75!

Yesterday, SEIU-UHW shop steward Kelly Richardson announced she's resigning her SEIU steward position so she can support NUHW in the Kaiser election. Kelly works in the call center at Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center, where workers asked SEIU to debate NUHW on the issues. NUHW agreed, but (you guessed it) SEIU refused.

After seeing SEIU's approach to workers (i.e., lies, shout-downs and bullying), Kelly resigned her position. "It’s time for the rhetoric to end. I personally challenged SEIU to debate NUHW to discuss facts. NUHW has been willing to discuss facts. Let’s see if SEIU can do the same, instead of shouting and yelling. We want facts.”

In a list that Letterman would love, workers asked SEIU to answer these questions:

1. With so many SEIU staff here, why can't we get grievances processed or find anyone when we need representation?

2. Why are managers letting SEIU interrupt our work, while they try to stop us from talking to NUHW supporters?

3. Why is SEIU allowing management to subcontract in Dietary?

4. Why didn’t SEIU tell us their contract had a health benefits takeaway committee?

5. Why is SEIU threatening we'll lose our benefits when federal law says all our raises and benefits stay the same?

6. Why do workers at LAMC make 15% less than workers at Kaiser Fresno, and why isn't SEIU doing anything about that?

7. Why does SEIU charge us 25% more dues than NUHW just to send all the extra to Washington, D.C.?