Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Momentum Much?--Updated!

Yesterday, 18 more SEIU-UHW shop stewards announced they're supporting NUHW in the upcoming election!

At Kaiser San Jose Medical Center and the Kaiser clinic in Gilroy, 17 stewards released an announcement that said "we have concluded that NUHW has won the debate regarding which union would best represent our interests." The 17 stewards, about 1/2 the stewards in the hospital, have pledged to continue representing their co-workers.

Also, Tasty hears that an SEIU-UHW shop steward at the Kaiser medical office building in the City of Tracy resigned her steward position today and announced she's supporting NUHW!

Thus the tally comes to 68. Let's see what else you got, Kaiser stewards.


Today a reader sent in this tidbit:

Today a rank-and-file NUHW leader at Kaiser San Jose reported that she overheard SEIU import/scab-staffer Carolyn Conter on the phone saying, "we have a big problem down here in San Jose".

Carolyn--I think you are right about that one.