Monday, August 2, 2010

Run, Forest, Run! Kaiser Stewards Take Their Union Back! SEIU Staff Flees.

SEIU got quite a wake-up call at Kaiser Santa Rosa Medical Center, where more than 1,200 SEIU-UHW members will be voting in the election that begins Sep. 13th. Today, UHW's ENTIRE steward council held a rally in front of the hospital and announced they were resigning their positions as SEIU-UHW stewards so they can support NUHW! The 48 stewards issued this letter as they took off their purple gear and put on red NUHW t-shirts. Inside the hospital, hundreds of workers put on red lanyards to show their support for NUHW.

How did SEIU react? One person says they saw SEIU's organizer, named Marne, run from the facility as workers stripped off their purple lanyards and drop them in a garbage can. Tasty guesses she's probably doing some serious wine "tasting" right about now, just like Oriana Saportas [LINK] did during SEIU's disastrous campaign at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital -- where, by the way, SEIU lost by a vote of 283 (NUHW) to 13 (SEIU).

What's next? Keep your eye out for more "defections" as workers break their purple chains and announce their support for NUHW!