Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kaiser Workers; Lied to in a mailing! While, I never!

A note from a Kasier worker:

Last Thursday, August 19th, my colleagues and I were given the opportunity to meet with, and ask questions of Sal Rosselli, who was visiting our Kaiser Santa Rosa campus that day. My friend and I wandered over to find a group, mostly supporters, gathered around. We were able to ask a few questions of our own, and were satisfied with the answers we received. Shortly thereafter, there appeared one Janet Wooten, (left) Unit Assistant, along with sidekick, who remained silent throughout, Tonya Salcido, Medical Assistant. Janet, looking angst-filled, and as though she were about to break into tears at any moment, discussed her fears and concerns about her partnership with Kaiser and the Union. I'm surmising that her intent was no doubt to monopolize Sal's limited time with us, so as to prevent others from getting a word in edgewise. Obviously, the two were SEIU plants.

Well, lo and behold, yesterday, there appeared in my mailbox, yet another almost daily, member-paid-for flier from SEIU with a picture of the two of them next to a quote, "NUHW president Sal Rosselli finally leveled with us and confirmed that if NUHW is elected, we have no guarantees. He will have to take us back to the bargaining table and hope Kaiser will not take away what we've already locked in with SEIU-UHW."

I was there, and he said no such thing. This is disgusting and reprehensible behavior on the part of the SEIU, but unfortunately, I think the worst is yet to come.

Oh, Kaiser comes the BS.