Saturday, August 7, 2010

SEIU to it's Zombies--Don't Delete!

From the inside of UHW, a memo about the appeal of the case against the former leadership and the suit to stop the extension of the Trusteeship. It shows shocking disregard for members and their rights to self government--not to mention a call to target the members who filed the case.


Dear SEIU-UHW Staff:

As most of you are aware, a federal lawsuit seeking to bring an immediate end to the trusteeship of our local was filed on July 16, 2010. As those of you recall from last year, when there is such legal action, we as local union staff must follow some specific document retention policies. Attached is a memo from our attorney with the details of that policy, as well as a copy of the complaint filed by the plaintiffs. The documents you are required to preserve are those having to do with the implementation, continuation and planning for termination of the trusteeship, as well as documents having to do with the membership (or lack thereof) and NUHW support/activities of the plaintiffs.

If you have any questions about your requirements under this policy, please refer them to Danijela Sapic in our legal department.

In Unity,

Debbie Schneider
Deputy Trustee



TO: Dave Regan and Debbie Schneider

FROM: Glenn Rothner

DATE: 8/04/10

RE: Continuing Document Preservation SEIU et al. v. Rosselli et al., Document Retention for Dimenco et al. v. SEIU et al.

As you may be aware, several putative (Tasty's Note: Putative means "supposed" members. As if the members that filed the suit to free the local from DC were "supposedly" members, but UHW wasn't sure, because no "real" members would ever be interested in union democracy. Either they really have to get their dues records in order or they should treat members with a little more respect.) UHW members have filed a lawsuit seeking to bring an end to the trusteeship. A copy of the complaint is attached. In light of this lawsuit, all UHW staff members are required to retain and preserve all documents and computer records in their possession regarding implementation, continuation/maintenance, and planning for the termination of the trusteeship. In addition, UHW staff members should preserve any materials pertaining in any way to the named plaintiffs in the case, their membership or lack thereof in UHW, and their NUHW activities generally and with respect to UHW bargaining units and staff.

Also, some of the defendants in SEIU et al. v. Rosselli et al. have appealed the jury verdict which awarded UHW more than $1.5 million in damages for breaches of state and federal law. While that appeal is pending, UHW is required to continue to preserve and retain any documents or materials pertaining to the claims against the former UHW officers and staff.

Documents falling within the scope of either of these lawsuits should not be destroyed, modified, or altered. Such documents include computer files of all kinds, notes, drafts, correspondence or other documents, whether electronic or hard copy, that UHW staff members have generated or received which relate to the issues and activities described above.

We will be back in touch with you if and when it is necessary to produce any documents and materials. However, you should retain all these documents until further notice. This request to retain and preserve records is in addition to the Union’s normal document retention and confidentiality policy. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please direct them to me.