Thursday, August 19, 2010

Talking Shit, Indeed.

Recently, San Francisco's CPMC eliminated positions in the kitchens at three campuses and cut certain positions down from 8 hours per day to 4 hours per day. Many of those affected primarily are long term, 20 year employees. These employees were told to bid on positions in other departments -- positions that never were posted, so people in those departments already can't bid on them.

Under SEIU's leadership nothing has been in writing and nothing has been formally explained in a meeting or anything. Its a mess.

On Tuesday, workers at the CPMC California campus confronted SEIU Zombie Vu Nguyen (pictured, in a facebook shot he titled "Talking Shit") in the cafeteria. They asked him why there wasn't a "re-bid" to deal with these changes fairly in a way that respects seniority. When they demanded details of what's happened in the secret meetings with management, Vu responded, "I don't have to tell you... I don't work for you." (Note to Vu: You do work for the members.)

The CPMC crew was not impressed.

When they asked for a copy of the contract and he said, "You don't deserve the contract." (For real. Not making that up. He actually said that to a group of members.)

Just another example of the caliber of staff SEIU is hiring--both smug, nasty and dumb. Not Tasty's favorite combo...