Friday, April 5, 2013

Dueling Ads in Kaiser Permanente Election... including SEIU-UHW's 'Smitten Kitten'

Check this out. NUHW-CNA has launched radio and TV ads in the run-up to the giant Kaiser Peremanente election.

And check out this radio ad from NUHW-CNA.

Meanwhile, SEIU-UHW is airing its own kind of advertisements. Apparently, Dave Regan has steered a sizable portion of SEIU’s internet-based advertising to sex-related websites like this one. (Click to, err, enlarge.)

Hmm… now, this may have been totally unintentional, but this screenshot offers endless opportunities for creative interpretation -- kinda like the way a palm reader would read the lines on your hand.

For example, isn’t it fitting that SEIU’s advertisement is located next to an article entitled “Where Does Morality Come From?”  We all know it sure doesn’t come from the Purple Palace!

“Savage Love”?? Hmm… that sounds like a reference to the style of labor-management relations that Kaiser and SEIU-UHW use during their so-called partnership bargaining. Kaiser and Dave Regan are rough and ‘savage’ on Kaiser’s rank-and-file workers. After all, what else can you call 1,000 layoffs and slashing workers’ retirement benefits? But hey… Kaiser and Regan deliver their cuts in a “loving” way.

Which brings us to “Smitten Kitten.” Apparently, this is Dave Regan’s secret code name. And the probative device that’s on display is apparently one of the so-called “partnership tools” that Kaiser lovingly employs on accommodating union officials.

Readers will undoubtedly have lots of other interesting interpretations. Can’t wait to see the next SEIU advertisement!