Friday, April 5, 2013

SEIU-UHW: Dead Workers Are Totally Supporting SEIU in the Kaiser Election!

SEIU-UHW’s flyer fiasco is exploding into a full-blown scandal. Check this out. 

According to workers at Kaiser Santa Clara Medical Center, SEIU-UHW placed photos of two dead people on its “We’re Voting for SEIU-UHW” flyers and posters. The two individuals formerly worked at the hospital, but passed away some time ago. 

At Kaiser Oakland Medical Center, SEIU-UHW put the photo of a different deceased worker on its posters and mailers. 

Workers are now wondering whether SEIU will now try to get the deceased workers to mark ballots for SEIU-UHW!

And check out this Facebook post from a worker at Kaiser Oakland Medical Center:
Ever feel cheated? I do! SEIU used this picture they took of my colleague and me in 2008 when we voted to approve the labor contract. They used our picture in their campaign literature two years ago, out of context and without our permission. And guess what? They are at it again! The SEIU reps distributed these posters in our lounge today, telling staff that all the people in the poster are voting SEIU. The poster says “WE’RE VOTING SEIU-UHW.” I voted for NUHW then, and I am voting for them now! Other colleagues were similarly misled and misrepresented in this poster, which leads me to believe that most, if not all, of the others pictured were similarly misled. And my colleague circled in the picture with me? fired TWO YEARS AGO, no thanks to SEIU representation.
And here's another worker's reaction on Facebook:
Just found out that my face is one of them on the flier!!! I have been a NUHW supporter since the last election and I AM NOT VOTING FOR SEIU!!!! lets sue them for false advertising!!!!!!