Thursday, April 25, 2013

Latest News on SEIU's Tyrone Freeman, PhD

SEIU's Tyrone Freeman and Monica Russo
Tasty is taking a quick break from the election action at Kaiser Permanente to answer readers’ questions about SEIU’s Tyrone Freeman.

As readers know, Freeman is now awaiting sentencing after being convicted on 14 criminal counts including embezzlement, theft of union assets, filing false tax returns and mail fraud. 

Freeman's sentencing, scheduled for April 22, was delayed when his high-priced attorneys filed multiple legal motions including a hail-mary attempt to get him acquitted! This last-ditch effort has little chance of success, according to Tasty’s sources.

As of today, Freeman's sentencing has not yet been rescheduled. But when it finally happens, Freeman faces a maximum possible sentence of 180 years -- although observers say he won’t get anything close to that.

Meanwhile, some interesting details are emerging from the steady stream of legal documents filed in Freeman's case.

First, Freeman is still being represented by ultra-expensive lawyers from Mayer Brown LLC. And this global law firm is ringing up huge legal bills as it files tons of legal briefs and motions on Freeman’s behalf.

So who’s paying Freeman’s legal tab? That's the $66,000 question. Tasty’s best guess is that the Purple Palace is secretly paying for Freeman's lawyers in order to prevent Freeman from ratting them out as co-conspirators.

Next up... check out this hilarious detail contained in court records. 

Recently, Freeman's lawyers told the judge that Freeman is pursuing a PhD in “Business Administration”! (Tasty is not kidding.) Below, Tasty posted a legal document where Freeman’s lawyers seek the judge's permission to allow Freeman to travel to the University of Phoenix in Nashville, TN for a five-day “residency program” for his mail-order PhD.

Hmm… wonder if they offer any classes on how-not-to-get-caught-while-committing-tax-fraud.

Ironically, Freeman’s “entrepreneurial skills” are already well-known to the FBI. During his purple crime spree in California, Freeman reportedly siphoned more than $12.5 million from low-wage SEIU members through an array of corrupt business ventures that he rigged with his fat-cat business buddies at companies like TelaDoc and Dickerson Employee Benefits.

Apparently, Freeman was simply following the example of his mentor, SEIU's President Emeritus Andy Stern, who’s now paired up with Ron Perelman, a billionaire venture capitalist who is filling Andy's pockets with stock options.   

In fact, maybe Stern can give a guest lecture at Phoenix U's biz school about all of the wonderful opportunities for personal enrichment through corrupt unions like SEIU!

Here's the court document.