Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kaiser Election: The 'Women in Red' Teach a Lesson to SEIU-UHW and Kaiser!

Two of the Women in Red

Here’s an incredible story.

Yesterday, three workers wore their red NUHW t-shirts to their jobs at Kaiser Panorama City Medical Center in Southern California. And during their breaks, they proudly walked the halls in their shirts.

That’s when one of SEIU-UHW’s shop stewards -- the so-called “Contract Specialist” -- saw the three women and raced to the H.R. Department to rat on the workers for somehow violating Kaiser’s dress policy... even though management lets workers wear purple SEIU shirts!

The H.R. officials (aka, SEIU’s "partners") ordered the women to go home, change their shirts, and return to work.

So... the three women left the hospital... But instead of going home, they decided to visit a nearby store where they bought complete red outfits -- including red pumps -- and then returned to work in their new duds!

One thing is clear:  Kaiser and SEIU-UHW ain't gonna bully these three women!

P.S.  Here's a pic from a reader. In Northern California, where SEIU-UHW has tried to use thousands of "free" pizzas to lure voters to their side, some workers posted this sign to make clear who's paying for each slice of purple pepperoni pizza. The sign includes another reference to SEIU-UHW's infamous "Partnership Tax," which Dave Regan recently implemented and which now allows the Boss to tax workers nine cents for every hour they work.